Offset GHG emissions through Carbon Credits from the Brazilian Amazon Forest

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VERRA Status: Registered

Verified Carbon Standard – ID 1654

48.000 ha

Estimated Annual Emission Reductions:

Project description:

The FORTALEZA ITUXI REDD PROJECT aims at protecting forests located in one of the regions having the highest deforestation rate in the Amazon Biome: the municipality of Lábrea. As the southernmost municipality in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, Lábrea is geographically located nearby the “Arc of Deforestation” and neighbours other highly deforested municipalities. ​

Over the life of the project, the following benefits are expected:​

  • Estimated net GHG emission reductions: 720,470 tCO2e, corresponding to avoidance of deforestation of 1,836.5 hectares over 30-years;​
  • Technical training on sustainable cattle raising and forest management, fire brigades, study for a small non-wood product processing plant, production of Brazil-nuts (already in place) etc.;​
  • Seedling Production Nursery: capacity of 50,000 native-species seedlings per year and donation for neighbors wishing to plant.​

  • Implementation of technical education frameworks;​
  • Complementary monitoring of labor conditions in Project Area;​
  • Implementation of health insurance plan for workers;​
  • Monitoring the attendance of young in schools;​
  • Commercial activity in “Castanhal Fortaleza” company (job generation beyond timber management).