After all, what is this so-called carbon credit?

Article written by our CEO, Janaina Dallan, for the Um Só Clima column, for the O Globo Journal.

After all, what is this so-called carbon credit?

The basis for all life on Earth, carbon today may compromise our survival on the planet. The so-called "carbon credits" are all over the media, in the political, scientific and friendly debates. But what and how they may help us?

One carbon credit represents the "non-emission" or the capture of one ton of carbon from the atmosphere. It is about a financial incentive to activities and technologies that are less pollutant than the current ones, or that remove carbon from the atmosphere. We know that not only does industry or similar activities emit greenhouse gases, but also our everyday activities, like eating a snack or riding a car or a plane. The emission of equivalent carbon, through pollutant gases like CO2 or methane, contribute to the greenhouse effect, altering the atmospheric temperature and favoring climate change.

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