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Do you want to protect your land?

Carbonext develops REDD+ projects on rural properties with the objective of avoiding the deforestation of forests and their rich biodiversity. From the preservation and management of these areas, it is possible to generate carbon credits whose commercialization will serve as an economic alternative for those who keep the forests standing and invest in the development of local communities.

The implementation of this type of project is directed to areas that are in regions under deforestation pressure and, currently, in Brazil, the focus is on the Amazon rainforest.

The economic viability for developing a REDD+ project in the Amazon starts in areas from 20 thousand hectares and, necessarily, with regularized documentation and origin.

If you fit these requirements, it will be a pleasure to meet you and analyze the feasibility of generating carbon credits from the preservation and combat of deforestation on your property. Please fill out the form below and attach the minimum required documentation for the analysis.