Jet. blog – For a better world: learn about the social and environmental projects supported by JET

"A direct reflection of the demands of Generation Z, companies have increasingly invested in formulating purposes aligned with social and environmental causes."

For a better world: learn about the social and environmental projects supported by JET

"More than just becoming attractive to this audience, what weighs in this case is the understanding that the world lives a phase that demands this kind of positioning from brands.
It is in this context that JET has sought to intensify its initiatives in both the social and environmental fields.
In favor of the environment
Among the initiatives carried out in 2021, the highlight was the carbon emission neutralization project, made from the partnership with Carbonext Carbonext.
JET is the first carbon neutral e-commerce company in Brazil; but abroad there are brands in the segment that already do this.
In the action with Carbonext, all credits are generated through REDD+ carbon projects, of which the company manages the complete cycle: prospecting of the area, technical development of the projects (including monitoring and management measures in the area), credit generation and emissions offsetting. Thus, in addition to combating deforestation, one of the objectives of REDD+ projects is to contribute to the sustainable development of the region, supporting the local community, preserving biodiversity and stimulating the local bio-economy.
For JET's part, the initiative helps the company position itself in the face of climate change and attract like-minded companies and employees to work with them.
Carbonext has today 2.8 billion m2 of REDD+ projects under its management. With that, that's more than 379 species protected and 100 families reached."