Valor Investe – The Second Order Impacts of Digitization in Brazil

The success of Carbonext to direct technological innovations to raise productivity and sustainability of our planet is cited in the article.

The impact of the Second Wave of Digitization in Brazil

"This article brings insights on how digitization impacts our way of doing business and explains what the Economy of Creators is."

Much has been written about the "digital acceleration" that the pandemic catalyzed, but what we saw happening in 2021 goes far beyond the initial boost caused by the quarantine period. Since last year, the market value of all Brazilian unicorns has more than doubled, now totaling R$400 billion. We estimate that the number of unicorns - a term used to describe a private technology company, such as Loft, whose value exceeds US$ 1 billion - should exceed 20 companies by the end of the year. Something unimaginable when we founded Loft in 2018, and this number was only three. When looking at the capital market, the trend is similar. The market value of Brazilian technology companies represents 4.7% of Brazilian GDP, up from 2.5% in 2020."

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