Client Success Analyst

About Carbonext

Carbonext has been acting for 11 years in the brazilian carbon market, fighting deforestation via development of REDD+ projects in the Amazon. 

We are proud of having a woman CEO, Janaina Dallan, also an external consultant to UNFCCC, that acts in this market for over 20 years, passing through European companies, until funding carbonext in 2010. 

Ever since it's foundation, Carbonext has reduced tons of CO2 in the atmosphere and helping in the sustainable development of several communities. 

Be a part of creating a new world, join us! 

Commercial at Carbonext

Here at the Carbonext commercial team Carbonext we have the mission of providing our client solutions on carbon neutralizing and carbon credit trade, bringing transparency to this market. 

As a professional, we expect from you:

  • Knowledge about client business, suggesting improvements on reducing their carbon footprint; 
  • Actively participating in client projects and initiatives about carbon credits; 
  • Knowledge about Onboarding and Ongoing; 
  • Being aligned on results and attendance, stimulating upsell and cross-sell possibilities; 
  • Nurturing our product team with client suggestions or insights that appeared during client attendance; 
  • Being attentive to metrics and area indicators, suggesting improvements to current or new processes, with the goal bringing always new results.


  • Healthcare plan
  • Meal voucher (R$40 per day)
  • Transportation voucher

Diversity and inclusion at Carbonext

We value diversity and inclusion, hiring independently of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or background. We are an organization with light and organized processes to value human interaction, an essential part of our culture. 

Here at Carbonext everyone has the opportunity of speaking, growing and sharing ideas. 

Hiring process

Our hiring process is currently totally online due to COVID-19. 


We're at Vila Olímpia, in the city of São Paulo.