Carbonext arose from the desire to make a difference. The desire to bring some change. A new vision of the future with roots in the past contributes in maintaining the tropical forests and the communities that depend on them to survive.

Carbonext assists companies in the fields of:

  • Climate change and GHG emissions offsetting
  • Buying and selling carbon credits
  • Developing projects that could generate carbon credits.

Carbonext’s mission is to be a company that is loyal to its client, providing services of highest quality with highly experienced and trained professionals.


Ms. Janaina Dallan M.Sc

Ms. Janaina Dallan M.Sc.- Carbon markets specialist CEO of CARBONEXT, acts directly in the coordination of development and implementation of carbon credit projects (VCS, REDD, CDM, etc). She has a Bachelor in Forestry and a Masters in Business of the Environment. Working with Carbon Market issues since 2002 when she worked with the Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics at the University of São Paulo while participating in two projects directed by the Ministry of the Environment. Member of the UNFCCC (United Nations Convetion on Climate Change) acting in the Registration and Issuance Team since 2013. Ms. Dallan managed CDM projects and Carbon market activities at many companies such as Golder Associates, Global Energy Partners, Orbeo/Societé Generale, One Carbon and Ecofys.


Carbonext understands that maximum quality is possible from the moment we are involved in all phases of the project. Carbonext insists on the management of the REDD + project phases from its conception, audit, validation, registration, verification, credit issuance, delivery and traceability.

Our projects are duly approved by the leading standards in the qualification of projects which generate REDD+ Carbon Credits.

Reducing CO2 Emissions from deforestation and degradation. REDD+ projects preserve the forest by fighting deforestation and the destruction of this unique biome that is the Amazon rainforest. These projects also promote the development and involvement of local communities that become fundamental agents in preservation. Carbonext provides these carbon credits and you become an important transformative agent in fighting climate change.

Carbon Credits

What is a Carbon Credit and how does it work?

A carbon credit is the representation of a ton of carbon dioxide that is no longer emitted into the atmosphere, contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. There are several ways to generate carbon credits, including the preservation of forests.

If a piece of forest was cut down for agriculture or cattle ranching, the emissions from deforestation would be released into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Therefore, by preserving that piece of forest with generated carbon credits we are contributing to demised greenhouse effect and thus the second biggest cause of climate change.

Based on the difference between the two scenarios (preserved forest X deforestation), it is calculated how much tCO2 is no longer emitted, thus generating carbon credits.

Carbon credit is the currency used in the carbon market. In this market, companies that have a high level of emissions and few options for reduction can buy carbon credits to offset their emissions. Thus, they indirectly help to maintain project which is reducing emissions and, in addition to balancing the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, they contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.



All of our projects are developed with standards, recognized worldwide, which guarantee the performance and quality of activities.


Verified Carbon Standard (VCS/VERRA)

Launched in 2006 and formerly known as Voluntary Carbon Standard, VCS is one of the most used quality standards for carbon accounting, and is one of the most reliable in the voluntary market. based on ISO principles, the standard ensures that emission reductions are additional, unique and verified.


The Carbon Token

CX is a DLT based token backed by carbon credits generated through REDD+ projects in Brazil and other countries. The token supports an ecosystem whose aim is to ease the carbon credit trade process providing a trustworthy and transparent marketplace for individuals or corporations who want to offset their carbon footprint. The ecosystem is composed of a crypto-wallet, a marketplace, an interoperability core, a carbon transparency platform, and several carbon footprint management tools. The project aims to encourage trust and usability for the carbon credits market and at the same time invigorate and revitalize consciousness on sustainability, regeneration, preservation and the impact of human species on earth.

Carbon Credit

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