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Our story

Carbonext was founded in 2010 with the objective of preserving the Amazon rainforest through the elaboration of REDD+ carbon credit projects.

We were created during troubled times, post 2008 crisis, when topics like sustainability weren't given due attention. We're proud of being one of the oldest companies on the market, believing in the fight against deforestation and in sustainable development from the start.

Today, Carbonext acts on the protection of forest areas through the sustainable development of the forest (nature based solutions), initially directing resources to the property through carbon credits, to then evolve to long-term activities that foster the local bioeconomy and it's communities.


Carbonext's main purpose is the preservation and protection of the Amazon Rainforest through Nature Based Solutions.
This way, we strive to stimulate bioeconomy, generating high-quality carbon credits, reconciling environmental, social and economic development and fighting climate change.


We strive to stimulate the transition to a low carbon economy, maximizing the preserved forest area, fostering sustainable development in the Amazon and being the global leader in nature based solution.


  • Transparency
  • Ethics
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  • Sustainability

Our founder

Janaina Dallan is a Forestry Engineer and has a Master of Science in Environmental Administration, both by ESALQ/USP. She is involved within the carbon market since 2001 in projects all over the world and, as Carbonext's Co-CEO, is involved directly in the coordination and implementation of carbon credit projects.

Throughout her career, she has administered UNFCCC's CDM projects through many international companies like Golder Associates, Global Energy Partners, Orbeo/Societé Generale, One Carbon and Ecofys.

She is currently a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), where he has been a member of the Registration and Issuance Team (RIT) since 2013, is president of the Brazilian Nature-Based Solutions Alliance, and is a member of the panel of experts for the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM).

Our area of action

We have a digital platform where individuals and companies can offset their greenhouse gas emissions and APIs to facilitate companies' journey towards carbon neutrality.

All our credits are generated through REDD+ carbon project. Carbonext prides itself in being one of the only companies on the market that manages the entire process of REDD+ projects, since it's conception, audit, registry, commercialization, delivery and traceability of credits.

After neutralizing their GHG emissions, our clients can also have access to an exclusive benefits club to carbon neutral individuals.

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Our stamps

Our stamps refer to emission compensation in events, products, and activities of companies' activities relative to scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions throughout a given time.

For inventory accounting, we utilize the GHG Protocol methodology and IPCC data.

Neutral event

Offsetting of one-time events (eg. webinar, conference, sports event).


Emission offset of a legal entity or company, throughout a given period or year.

Complete history

Offsetting of a company's emissions since its conception.


Recurring emission offsetting of a legal entity or company.