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Correio Braziliense – Uber creates carbon offsetting travel option

Estadão – The potential of sustainability

Valor Econômico - Green Offsetting

C6 Bank blog – C6 Bank reset to zero their carbon emissions from 2021

Portal Popline – With support from the UN, TikTok and Natiruts go live for the environment

Metrópoles – Natiruts releases De Tanto Sol, the world's first carbon neutral music video

Endeavor - Meet the 87 scale-ups from the Endeavor Scale-Up Program 2022.1

Capital Reset - Carbonext creates 'factory' of carbon projects in the Amazon rainforest 

EPTV News - Sale of 'carbon credits' increases 60% in 2021

O Globo - Adtech Mobees will offset carbon emissions of partner drivers with Carbonext

Jet. blog – For a better world: learn about the social and environmental projects supported by JET

New partnership - C6 Bank launches 1st biodegradable card in Brazil, made from corn

Estadão - After Fintechs, here come the ESGtechs

Exame. invest - Post-COP26: what will happen with forest carbon credits

B.Forest - Carbon market and the Brazilian opportunity for protagonism

Carbonext room in the Filme Filme platform

The Wall Street Journal – Brazilian Farmers Who Protect the Amazon Rainforest Would Like to Be Paid

Um só planeta – COP26: understand the importance of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement for the regulation of the international carbon market

Governance Body Formed by the Task Force to Expand Voluntary Carbon Markets Announces New Leadership to Appoint Representatives of Indigenous Groups

Isto É Dinheiro – The old and new bioeconomy

Estadão – Carbon credits market is more accessible for individuals

Uber blog – Uber Planet has arrived - Go beyond your destination

Valor Investe – The Second Order Impacts of Digitization in Brazil

Exame – Innovation between the field, the forest, and the future

Brazil Journal – Carbonext helps companies neutralize their carbon

Partnership O Globo and Carbonext - Carbon Footprint Calculator

Estadão – Aliança Brasil NBS (Nature Based Solution)

O Globo – UN Climate Change Report



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"Brazil's natural heritage is an important currency on the global stage, so we need to be protagonists in the transition to a low-carbon and regenerative economy"

By Janaína Dallan for "Um só Planeta"

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