Unitor REDD+

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Unitor REDD+ protects one of the regions of the Amazon most affected by deforestation, the county of Lábrea. The estimated annual emission reduction of GHG is of 929.430 tCO2e. Besides, the project creates jobs beyond lumber production, as is the production of Brazil nut.




Under validation

Credit potential

27.882.906 until 2048

terreno 1

99.035,2 ha

Emission reduction so far

3.038.429 tCO2e

pino-de-localizacao 1
Lábrea, Amazonas state

Map of the area

Potential tCO2e reduction

27.882.906 tCO2e

Species protected

Under research


The expected benefits during the project's lifetime include, beyond the expected reduction of 929.430 tCO2e each year, species monitoring for reforestation, technical education for local community and implementation of sustainable economic activities.

  • Foreseen net reduction of GHG: 27.882.906 tCO2e until 2048, corresponding to preveting 24.031 hectares of deforestation in 30 years;
  • Technical training of sustainable cattle raising, forest management and fire brigade;
  • School attendance monitoring.
  • Teaching of technical parameters to the community;
  • Monitoring of working conditions in the area;
  • Implementation of health care for workers.

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